Vegas Pro

Guides for new editors or anyone who wants to learn the basics of Vegas Pro.

Why Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is perfect for beginners as it's probably the most intuitive and easiest to learn "real video editing program" out there, for people who have no experience. If you're used to the key binds that Adobe software like Photoshop has, try Premiere. In my opinion Premiere is a bit unwieldy for people who have no experience with neither Adobe nor creative software in general.

Full disclosure, I started with Vegas Pro and I hate Premiere for non-objective reasons. So yes I am biased. But having used Vegas and Premiere, well forced to use Premiere, I long for Vegas' easy to use and most of all RESPONSIVE timeline. It doesn't matter that Premiere technically has more features, when using it is a slog.

Most of these guides are written by Bastiera and edited by me. If you have any questions on your editing journey, you can reach a community of editors in the bentovid discord server, the best AMV server out there. If you're interested, you may also join the discord server for news about the site. I won't provide any editing help on the server though.

I have rambled more than enough. Get reading some of these guides!

The One Thing All Vegas Editors Ought To Know

Resampling is Vegas' barrier to entry. It's on by default and makes your renders all mushy and gross. It's also a hassle to get...


Covers the absolute basics of Vegas Pro like the UI, some keyboard shortcuts and how to make a project.


Transforms (i.e. zooming in, cropping, rotating...) in Vegas Pro.


Masking in Vegas Pro is done in the Pan/Crop window. Masking can also be done using the B├ęzier Masking effect, in newer Vegas versions....

Troubleshooting Vegas

Common troubleshooting steps for Vegas Pro. Some settings mentioned are not available in all versions.

12th Aug 2023

I need to write more guides...

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