After Effects

A course to help intermediate and advanced editors get started with After Effects.

Getting started

Is AE right for you? Are guides best for you?


Covers the absolute basics of After Effects like the UI, some keyboard shortcuts and how to make a project.


In After Effects, almost every property is animatable. Animating properties is a core part of working with After Effects.


B├ęzier masking in After Effects, the pen tool and more.


Effects, the namesake of After Effects are modifiers that change the layers contents, usually by processing the content of the layer. In some cases...


Going over compositing essentials, precompositions and project navigation.


Transform options beyond position, scale and opacity.

Text layers

To create a text layer, you can use either the text tool ctrl + T or the new layer menu ctrl + alt +...

Shape layers

To create a shape layer, equip either the pen icon pen tool G or the shape icon shape tool Q, check no layers are selected and draw...


Expressions are pieces of code that calculate the value for a property. To apply a property, alt click the stopwatch icon and a text field will...

12th Aug 2023