A collection of editing related guides, links to other tutorials and even a couple After Effects plugins.


RE-AP is a custom version of RepositionAnchorPoint that minifies the UI and gets rid of an unnecessary click.

Lipsync rig

A script that creates an animatable slider controller for freeze frames. Useful for controlling mouth shapes without creating a stack of layers and manually cutting them.

Miscellanious tutorials

Links to tutorial videos and tutorial playlists on YouTube.

Downloading YouTube videos

Guide to installing and using yt-dlp, a command-line utility to download YouTube videos. If you do not like command-line interfaces, use jDownloader for a graphical interface that can also download YouTube videos at any quality.


An Editor to English dictionary.

Essentials script

A PowerShell (Windows) script that installs essential video editing tools.


helpful AE animation templates

12th Aug 2023